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continues to unfold. back to you. >> hope people have a full tank. get ready for the coldest air of the winter so far. >> we have live team coverage of the arctic blast but we begin with topper shutt in the weather center. how low can it go? >> the temperatures will be cold enough. the problem is the wind chill tonight and in to the weekend. let's start with an aerial shot of charles county this morning. they had one to two inches of the snow. we talked about this yesterday. you folks were going to get snow, even though you were inspect the advisory. light powdery fluffy snow. not much for snowballs but made the secondary roads treacherous. beed a an inch and a half here. inch and half in ashburn. clarksburg a half inch. but two and a half in norbeck,
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maryland and an inch and a half in waldorf. look at the winds. they are back. 26-mile an hour gusts at national. 22 gaithersburg and 25-mile an hour wind gust toward dulles. it is plenty cold without the winds. 59 lieutenant 9 at national. and upper 20s across the board. 17 leesburg and 13 manassas. we will come back and talk about how long the arctic chill will last an we have tips how to beat the chill, as well. combine this winter weather and the approaching arctic air and what is snow tonight could be ice tomorrow. bruce leshan is live with that part of the story. >> the sun has gone down and it is getting dark here and colder, but you need to get out right now if you haven't so far and get either a broom. this stuff sweeps off real nice with a broom or if you want to use old worn out shovel like this one you can get it out of
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there. if you don't start to do this real soon what you will end up with is one of these, ice hammers and you have to chip away what is frozen to the ground. and let me tell you, that's not a fun job at all. in upper northwest dc, he already shoveled out three homes and had a warning for the rest of us. >> if you don't do it usually before it gets dark you are going to see a lot of ice. >> reporter: that can make the work even harder. if you wait too long the shovel will break. citgoing to shatter. >> reporter: cleared sidewalks came to a sudden end. infuriating walkers like megan. >> this is not good. this is not good. and i'm pregnant. so i wouldn't want to fall on my you know what. >> reporter: here's wilson lane in bethesda. the left turn lane is one of the few covered in snow. >> the fact they have snow
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here. >> that's very bad. >> reporter: it will turn to ice. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: up in frederick, they cancelled school again, which surprised chris lowe. >> school is closed. they need to go and learn already but his 8-year-old was overjoyed. >> don't you want to go and hang out with your friends. >> yeah, sometimes. >> reporter: and one thing that megan told me is if you are a pedestrian and it's all, you know, frozen and miserable on the sidewalks and you are forced out to the roadway and you have to contend with cars and that is not safe. >> all right. bruce, take it easy out there. students in the district were the only ones who reported to class on time this morning. most school systems in suburban maryland and northern virginia opened late. garfield elementary was on a two hour delay. 13 students from stratford landing elementary school had an adventure this morning. their bus was stranded on an
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icy patch of stafford road in fairfax county and we have a happy ending to a story you will only see on 9 news now. >> reporter: last night's snow made this portion of stafford road in fairfax county very treacherous. >> on the side over there. doesn't look that bad but it is. >> reporter: tough going and not just for regular cars or suvs. even first responders and their heavy trucks had a hard time getting up and down the hill. no wonder the driver of this fairfax county public school bus decided not to risk her precious cargo. the fairfax county public school bus, full of elementary school kids was trapped on this icy hill for hours while officials figured out what to do to set it free. >> reporter: and rescue came in the form of this unlikely hero who wasn't wearing a cape but nevertheless saved the day by bringing in a second bus. and soon after tiptoeing
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carefully with their buddies, the kids were transferred to the second bus. we asked the driver what happened. was it the icy roads that kept you from going down the hill? >> my car keeps going to the side. >> reporter: the second bus slowly backed up the road for several hundred feet and then the students were off for a short friday school day and an exciting adventure to share over the dinner table. barbara has lived in the holland hills neighborhood for almost 20 years. >> even though it is not a real steep hill, there's a point right about where that bus is, that things get bad. >> reporter: in fairfax county, armando trull for 9 news now and >> was it just me or was the rescue driver wearing shorts and sandals. in any case fairfax county school officials say the bus drivers are trained to air on the side of caution when they are faced with dangerous conditions. the snow led to several
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accidents in our area. an suv that was traveling too fast for the conditions crashed near connecticut avenue in silver spring on university avenue and ended up on its side. traffic was blocked while the scene was cleared. the first snow of 2010 was no match for the last snow of 2009, but it did present other challenges since it was a weekday. people living in loudoun county had to clean off their cars before they could head out and there was the additional challenge of child care because of the two-hour late start to school. but residents we talked to in sterling took it all in stride. >> i was coming from gilberts corner. the roads are slick out there. my road wasn't plowed but not too bad today. >> reporter: how does it stack up though blizzard two weeks ago. >> it was four days before i got out then, so it is nothing. >> reporter: whole different deal there. crews plowed the parking lot of the town center helped them to weather the storm with few problems.
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the suspected terrorist who tried to blow up a plane on christmas day made his first court appearance this afternoon and the entire proceeding lasted just four minutes. drew levinson reports from detroit. >> reporter: suspected terrorist abdulmutallab said little at his arraignment. the young nigerian accused of trying to blow up a plane answered yes in english when the judge asked if he understood the charges against him. the judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. the government claims he sneaked explosives on a flight from amsterdam to detroit on christmas day. the court appearance rattled a woman who was on that plane. >> to see him again, and think that's the guy that tried to kill me. >> he was indicted on six charges including one that carries a life sentence. they say he would be offered a plea deal in exchange for information. legal experts say he would be wise to take it.
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the government will have the stronger hand at trial. but abdulmutallab's attorney says she is just starting his defense. >> frankly, today is the first step in a very long process, and other than that we really aren't prepared to discuss the case. >> reporter: outside the courthouse, members of the local muslim community tried to get the word out that they are against terrorism. >> we're not going to allow terrorism or terrorists to hijack our religion. >> reporter: abdulmutallab was moved under heavy security back to the prison where he will remain until his next court date. drew levinson, cbs news, detroit. >> reporter: the american born terrorist believed to have influenced the suspect in the plot once lived in our area. the radical cleric spoke to 9 9 news now on camera a few days after the september 11th attacks. we will have more on this alleged home grown terrorist at 6:00. new developments in the
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michael jackson death investigation. sources tell the associated press, dr. conrad murray will be charged with involuntary m.d. merchandise. jackson died of a suspected overdose in his home in june. a maryland woman has been sentenced to 25 years. renee bowman is accused of killing two of her daughters and keeping their bodies in a freezer. she received the sentence for the abuse of a third daughter who was found wandering around her lusby neighborhood in a night shirt stained with blood. people said people should never do things too a little girl that bowman did to her. a congressional aide is suing metro for $30 million. a man -- amanda was critically injured in a crash at florida and connecticut avenues. she was jogging at the time. it was the bus driver's third
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crash in the past seven years. well, the wizards returned home tonightened a cloud of controversy as local and federal authorities continue to investigate the gilbert arenas gun incident. >> brett haber has more on the daily drama that seems to have taken over the wizards. >> it has and just when you thought the redskins were the biggest sports mel la drama in the town looks like the wizards have outdone them by a mile starting with the tragic death of their owner last year and disastrous play on the court and this inexplicable series of events involving gun play in the locker room that leaves them, as you know, without their best player, possibly for good. the wizards play tonight against the magic. their first home game since the suspension of arenas. the team practiced this morning at verizon center, knowing further discipline is on the way for credittenton and the players involved in the mock shooting with arenas in
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philadelphia. we talked to the team about moving on, although that hardly seems possible. >> if there is any focus away from what you are trying to do as a team it is not con deuce i have for you to be at your, at the top of the game. >> i think it is an eye opener for the rest of our teammates to let them know that it is only one thing we should be concentrating on and that is basketball. >> reporter: meanwhile, the wizards issued a directive outlawing all card playing and gambling on team charter flights. remember, the original dispute between arenas and crittenton stemmed from a card game on december 19th. later in the hour, dave owens has an indepth look at how the wizards are coping with life arenas. back to you. >> panda fans will gather at the national zoo on january 30th for a going away party.
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it is a farewell to tai shan. the 4-year-old giant panda is going back to china as specified under the smith sewn ya's panda loan agreement. there is no word what day he will leave washington but the party is 11:00 in the morning to 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon on the 30th. coming up, icy roads lead to a ridiculous, 27-car pileup in atlanta. the recession may be behind us, but the latest news from the labor front shows we are suffering the after shock. we'll be right back.
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stocks end the week higher. the dow finished the day up 11 points to close at 10618. when it comes to unemployment, good news and bad news. let's start with the positive,
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shall we? a revised unemployment report for november shows the economy actually added 4,000 jobs that month, and that would be the first gain in nearly two years. on the other hand, employers cut 85,000 jobs in december, and overall the unemployment rate is stuck at 10%. many of the jobs people are finding these days, temp jobs and experts say it is still an uncertain economy and it makes sense. >> finding a temp, putting that temp in place and seeing how he or she performs is, in itself, a good bang for their buck. >> today, president obama outlined a series of tax credits aimed at helping to generate thousands of good jobs. those tax credits will target companies focused on cutting- edge energy technology. we continue to follow the bitter cold temperatures  hitting much of the nation tonight. even the southeast is being hit hard. check out this live picture from the atlanta area. as you can see, several crash
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cars lined the side of this icy road due to the conditions there [ no audio ] we're apparently having some problems there, but again, as we reported, much of the nation is in the grasp of bitter cold temperatures and icy conditions in atlanta. well, americans and iguanas are not the only ones dealing with cold temperatures. in the u.k., they are running out of grit to treat icy roads leaving secondary roads with sheets of black ice. in sweden, temperatures dropped to 37 below zero and in germany, the owner of a sled factory says he hasn't seen a run on sleds like this in at least 25 years. and topper is here. >> a bold man. >> that is a bold man. >> i guess when you are 37
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below zero, you don't have much -- >> can you go out of the house at all? >> not for any length of time. the good news is you get good traction in the snow. >> the snow doesn't melt. >> not going anywhere. >> we had one to to two to three inches of fluffy snow and we have video from silver spring. this is taken earlier today. the secondary roads were a mess. if you got up early this morning before the winds picked up it was spectacular. another postcard and this is pretty active winter so far. if we stopped now we would have above-average snowfall. let's keep it going, huh? it was spectacular this morning if you got up early and i did because i rarely see snows. cold tomorrow, windy, frigid, upper 20s near 30. upper 20s on sunday. some good news on monday. we should make it to the mid- 30s and above freezing. so get ready for a very cold weekend. coldest air of the season for
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us. wind chills five to 15. low temperatures 18 to 24 downtown. winds northwesterly at 10 to 15 and gusty. we talked about this every time we get the freeze and thaw, black ice. what appears wet tonight may actually be frozen and that is black ice. get ready for patchy black ice through tuesday morning because of the freeze and thaw. cold weather tips, dress in layers, stay hydrated, drink water, not alcohol. cover your exposed skin and remember your hat and gloves. lows tonight, plenty cold, 18 in great falls. these are straight temperatures. this isn't wind chill. 19 fairfax. downtown we are talking low to mid-20s. and 19 upper marlboro. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy p breezy and cold. winds northwest 10 to 15. the wind chills will be again in the five to 15 range. by afternoon, partly cloudy and breezy and cold. highs near 30. winds northwest at 10 to 15.
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satellite picture, radar combined. clipper is gone. lake effect snows continue and snows are driving as far as middle tennessee. not too far from nashville and come off the lakes and move through the ohio valley. unusual to see them that far south even this time of the year. what is unusual about this arctic outbreak it is colder in memphis than it is here in boston. the super cold air so to the south and southwest and that's okay. 29 manassas. 30 woodbridge. 30 annapolis. small craft advisory through the weekend if you are a boater. keep that in mind. the next seven days, upper 20s on saturday and sunday. we will go back though mid-30s on saturday. i did just add a flake for tuesday morning. not a tomorrow storm. a little disturbance shoots through the upper level of the atmosphere and then temperatures we haven't modified much. 45 on wednesday. 49 on thursday and we are a little cooler on friday but in the mid-40s.
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>> can't beat that, sir. >> the weekend will be all right. >> that's what you said a lot of weeks. >> heard that. >> some fairfax county parents told virginia lawmakers today if fairfax county schools decline the whole state's economy will suffer. i'm peggy fox. the story is coming up.
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i'm howard bernstein with the living green tip of the day. the first step to saving energy could be tracking how much you are using. an energy monitor will track how much energy your house is using in realtime and give you an idea of your monthly bill. using one can safe you 15 to 20% on each bill which can add up to hundreds of dollars a year. get more tips at click on living green. fairfax county parents fought back today against severe cuts to their children's schools. >> as peggy fox reports they are hitting state lawmakers where it hurts most, in their pocketbooks. >> reporter: a group of virginia state lawmakers listened for hours as speakers fought to save funding for
5:23 pm
people with disabilities, public safety, arts and schools. >> they are playing russian roulette. how bad can it get before the test scores go down. >> reporter: $180 million short fall they are schools is forcing the superintendent to slash programs and services and increase class sizes. >> too many. >> reporter: anne marie thrasher's son eli attends churchhill elementary where there are 34 students in his class. >> i don't know where they could put another desk in my child's classroom. >> she says the desks are 12- inches away from the blackboard. >> if you want the teacher's help you may have to wait five to ten minutes because there are so many people to get to. >> reporter: with classrooms expected to get more crowded, many fear quality and test scores will fall. faic, the government contractor, announced it would move its headquarters here to fairfax county. when moves like that happen, companies often cite the fairfax county schools but if the schools decline, parents
5:24 pm
say so will investments like this. >> most people come to fairfax county because of the schools and if we cut programs people will not come here and will go to maryland and the rest of the state will feel the repercussions. they will be hurting because we will have less income taxes to send to them. >> they say it is time to get their fair share and they want them to change the formula that sends most of the taxes here to the rest of the state. >> reporter: after the legislature meets this winter, it will be up to the school board to finalize the budget. a parents group, called fighting for fairfax schools, is planning a mass demonstration for february 5th. coming up, we launch a weekly segment, saluting outstanding heros in our community. i'm audrey barnes in laytonsville, two residents and a firefighter are hurt after a blaze this morning. all evidence points to a care seen heater. the story is coming up. they've been discovered to be life-enhancing.
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let's update the breaking news about emergency pothole
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repairs on the inner loop near the wilson bridge. traffic had been reduced to just one lane. as you can imagine there are major delays out there. dave calhoun has the latest from the 9 news now traffic center. >> yes, ingood the damage is done. all roadwork is on the left shoulder now. delays still beginning on the inner loop near branch avenue to the work zone and southbound on i-295 around the 11th street bridge. staying in virginia, southbound 395, you have usual delays from washington boulevard to glebe road and again to duke. moving to outer loop, as you move maryland in to virginia you are slow from the 270 spur off and on to past route 7. northbound i-270, still not a bad ride. seeing brake lights past clarksburg. but other than that a good ride. derek many. >> thank you, dave. if you think it is cold now, just wait. this morning's snow is ushering in another round of arctic air
5:29 pm
that will keep temperatures below freezing all weekend long. topper will be back with the complete weekend forecast. that's coming right up. a warning now about using a kerosene heater to keep warm. a laytonsville woman and her daughter tried it and ended up bumping down their house. audrey barnes has the story. >> i ran in the room and said our neighbor's house is on fire. >> reporter: courtney woke up her grandparents to tell them about think fire ball next door. >> the front porch and everything just in flames. i was scared for the lives of the mother and daughter. >> reporter: david statter said his mom patricia and his mom called him to frantically say their house on holings river road ignited when they were trying to fill up a kerosene space heater to stay warm. >> apparently when she tried to refuel it blew. >> you think it may not have been filled with kerosene. >> it is speculation at this point but we are thinking that. >> reporter: there are no fire hydrants in the community, they
5:30 pm
have wells. tankers had to truck in the water. >> we had tankers. >> reporter: that compounded by the homeowners lifestyle. firefighters said there was so much stuff piled up inside the home it went up like a tinderbox. >> there were a lot of combustibles that contribute nod the fire. >> reporter: fire department spokesman oscar garcia is warning people not to use space heaters, especially kerosene unless the area is ventilated. >> you have carbon monoxide exposure if it is not even lathed. >> the homeowner and her daughter are treated for smoke inhalation. the home was so badly damaged they will condemn it. family members are trying to salvage what they can but nearly everything was destroyed. 9 news now and >> a firefighter was hit in the face with hot embers and he's being treated tonight.
5:31 pm
firefighters were able to save the family's dog but the cat has not been accounted for. it can be hard to throw things away like old birthday cards and magazines, but one local woman keeping any type of magazine or paper has become an obsession. there are mounds of papers, books and trash in marilyn white's home and she admits she's a horder and she wants to change. >> after a while, it become the norm. you can't do anything about it so you shut your eyes. >> she would be known as a horder. a horder is someone who has a really difficult time letting go of things. things that may seem invaluable and typically are invaluable. >> tonight on 9 news now at 11:00, we take a closer look at the clutter and dig up ways to help horders break the cycle in a 9 news now special report. investigators are taking a closer look at a deadly crash in southwest, ohio. a tanker truck smashed in to a van that was carrying disabled
5:32 pm
adults. four people were killed and six others hurt. authorities say the snow- covered highway was slick but the truck may not have been operating at a safe speed. rescuers working for hours today to save the driver of a large truck that skidded off a california freeway. the big rig rolled a 0 feet down an embankment near los angeles and the driver had to be air lifted to the hospital. as we reported earlier, the suspected terrorist who tried to blow up a plane on christmas day, pleaded not guilty today and just yesterday president obama ordered some significant homeland security changes in response to the intelligence lapses that led to that attack. joining us is the host and chief washington correspondent bob schiffer. bob, what's been the reaction so far to the changes? >> well, i think the president really put the federal bureaucracy on notice. i mean it was like lighting a fire out there. he said, you know, this shouldn't have happened. we have been promised a report
5:33 pm
with all the warts off and this has big warts on it. when you stop and think that the government apparently knew weeks, maybe months before christmas that this group in yemen was planning an attack on the u.s. homeland and was trying to recruit people to carry out that attack and yet somehow the government couldn't figure out what to do with it. the president said we can't have that and he said a -- he set a series of deadlines on when he wanted these things corrected. so i think he sent a strong message to the bureaucracy. it was a different president that we saw yesterday. he said we are at war. he had a lot of critics that maybe not knowing this is a very serious thing. he pretty much put those things to rest yesterday and now it is up to these people to get this done. we'll see how it goes. >> i suspect you'll have a lot of people with a lot to say on face the nation. >> well, we are.
5:34 pm
an our lead guest will be the chairman of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein. i want to get her take on where she thinks all of this is. we'll also talk to pete huckstra who is the ranking republican on the house. and the next stage is on captiol hill and what the congress, what their take is on it. we will get some insight in to that on sunday. >> we will be watching as always. good to see you and happy new year. >> you can watch watch face the nation on sunday morning. tonight we are launching a weekly segment saluting outstanding heros in our community. they are the folks making a difference without much recognition or notice. each week we will put organizations on the receiving end of a contribution. today the first charity. one of the worst things about getting older can be losing the
5:35 pm
ability to take care of themselves but one of the best things is the bond you have if with a daughter or son who steps in to help but if you don't have any children or they live too far away to lend a hand. there is an app like that. >> jean sands gets like this whenever she talks about her daughter. >> brings back memories. >> like when christine murray help her fight cancer or took her to lunch or shopping. >> that's my girl. that's my girl. >> and i'm her girl and she's my girl. >> reporter: best girlfriends but not actually relatives. instead brought together by daughter for the day. an organization created by government worker tanya lark in honor of the grandmother she used to drive around. >> after my grandmother passed, i noticed so many seniors struggling, having difficulties trying to get to doctor's
5:36 pm
appointments, not understanding what was going on with them physically and then needing assistance when they go out to complete their daily errands. >> reporter: so four years ago, a revelation, bring together seniors with volunteers willing to take a few outs a day to help them get around. >> things that daughters would do for seniors free of charge. >> they have to pass background checks and wear jackets and now there are 400 strong serving 1300 senior citizens. >> because i put the story out about my grandmother, so many people are able to relate to having had a nana and have that special person in their life. >> having become a son or daughter for the day you may make a friend for life. >> it is unbelievable the relationships that have been developed, not just for my seniors but my volunteers, as well. it is absolutely wonderful. >> yes. that would help tremendously.
5:37 pm
>> we recently invited the daughters for the day to our studios. we had a surprise for them. a charitable contribution of $8,000 and the founder tanya lark said it will help the 1300 seniors they serve and go a long way to help to buy more red jackets. for information on these and other charities we are profiling during our friday heros go to our website at and click on the hero central link. >> love that. surveillance video captures a brazen robbery right across the street from a police station. and is jay leno moving back to his old time slot? the latest on the rumor shake- up in late-night tv. stay with us.
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surveillance video of a scaring armed ronry. it happened at an insurance office in california. it is particularly brazen because the hawthorne police headquarters is just down the block. police say the three gunmen robbed at least 30 people in just three minutes. that is every single customer and worker in the office. no one was seriously hurt. no word on how much those robbers took. nbc says the jay leno show is performing as anticipated in primetime but reports are the network is considering moving leno back to his old late-night spot. one option is to give him a half hour show at 11:35 and if that were to happen, the on the show with conan o'brien and jimmy fallen's late night would be pushed back to later slots. it comes in the wake of lukewarm response and a growing revolt by the local tv affiliates. you can celebrate elvis ' birthday by heading to the martin luther king library in northwest dc. it is feature photographs of
5:41 pm
the king taken from the washington star newspaper and other memorabilia. had he lived he would have been 75 today. the elvis exhibit runs through next friday. coming up, the story of a philadelphia eagles employee who actually spit on the star in the middle of the dallas cowboys football field. and share more, save more. we will introduce you to a new website that is pushing ways to snag a deal in "living $mart." snow is lowing around. it is not snowing anymore but the winds picked up. wind gusts to 31 miles an hour in winchester and 20 miles an hour downtown. that's driving the wind chills in the teens. we'll come back and talk about the wind chills and a very frigid weekend. stay tuned. (announcer) school mornings are busy mornings.
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>> maybe you have seen these handbags featured in real simple magazine. they normally retail for $155. on jasmere today it will start at 39. >> they can reach out to so many thousand people and tell people where to find out and who we are and it's amazing. >> you can get alert for products like these once a day and then you have 24 hours starting at noon to get in. >> everybody stays and wins. >> reporter: they say if someone purchased each of their featured items in one month they have been in business they would have saved $1,000. >> by the way, the claire v handbag deal will be on the site through noon tomorrow. for more stories on deals and other consumer news, go to website website and click onlying smart. score one for israel in the humus war in lebanon.
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they whipped up the largest serving of humus but lebanon is planning to strike back. 4-tons and the israeli chefs doubled the previous record in october. no word on who's providing the pita bread. two sky divers jumped off the tallest building in the world in dubai. it took them 1 and a half minutes to reach the ground and they with were going 136 miles an hour. of course they slowed down with parachutes before they hit. one of the daredevils called it one of the most beautiful sensations he's ever experienced. one that will not be shared. >> are you sure about that? okay. 9 news now at 6:00 is less than 15 minutes away. here's a look at what is new tonight, details about an american-born muslim that investigators believe helped to orchestrate the botched christmas day attack on an
5:48 pm
american plane. you may have forgotten by health experts did not. if you didn't get your h1n1 shot now, now is the time. plus, some tips that can save your pipes and tons of cash this winter. there's one kind of vehicle you can use that is not exactly four-wheel drive but will probably get you through the snow. >> you think so? >> i would like to see it. he doesn't like the snow. we will take you to atlanta. >> no, he's not. their high today was 29. >> an elephant. >> he's our poor friend trying to make the most of it but it is not exactly serengeti. temperatures did not make it to freezing. colder there than here and he is trying to have his breakfast. >> where was he. >> the atlanta zoo. >> oh. >> not exactly out on the freeway. >> but he will get you through the snow. here we go. the next three days, temperatures will not get above
5:49 pm
freezing until monday. upper 20s tomorrow. upper 20s on sunday and it will be windy, breezy to windy both days. we have seen some kind of winds the first few days in the new year. cold weather tip, keep the space heaters away from curtains and clothing and stay off of frozen ponds. we talked about this earlier. there is no such thing as safe ice and tend to fires. embers can pop out at night after you go to bed. make sure the doors are closed an the fire is out. wind chills between five and 15. lows 18 to 24. winds northwesterly 10 to 15 and gusty actually. talked about this, too. black ice. what appears wet is frozen. that's black ice. slow down. be careful getting the paper each morning because it will freeze and thaw the next several days. wind chills, this is what it feels like if you are trying to have a night out on the town tonight. 18 national. 12 frederick. 17 leesburg and 23 in
5:50 pm
fredericksburg. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy and cold, teens and 20s. by afternoon it doesn't get much warmer. highs near 30. breezes northwesterly at 10 to 15ing and rather gusty. there's the clipper out to sea. we have some lake effect snows continuing in the mountains. this is unbelievable. i think wisp has had or garrett county rather has had either a winter storm warning or a winter weather advisory looks like right through the next few days. so again the snow continues there. the next several days upper 20s tomorrow, sunday, okay we make it to 35 on monday and then 40 on tuesday. maybe a flurry on tuesday. not a storm, but maybe a flurry. mid-40s on wednesday. milder on thursday. we approach 50 and then we see a little colder by friday and temperatures in the mid-40s. >> thank you. the philadelphia eagles employee did something a lot of redskins fans would like to do. he spit on that giant star in
5:51 pm
the middle of the dallas cowboys new stadium. once more -- what's more he videotaped it. >> nobody is looking as i'm standing on the star. there you go, fellas. spit on that star. i could do more. you know what? dallas kind of deserves a second one. nobody looks. there you go. >> i'm thinking he should have stopped there. the video was shot and posted on the eagles website by the editor and it has since been taken down. he has apologized saying he acted unprofessionally. the cowboys host the eagles in the playoffs tomorrow night we don't want to say it was right, but we understand [ laughter ] >> in the words of -- >> keep your fluids to yourself. tonight, the washington wizards host the top team in the nba while continuing to
5:52 pm
deal with the fall joy from the arenas gun situation. brett haber is live at verizon with just how the team is pulling together tonight. >> you may where interested to know that after days and days of almost constant tweeting by arenas which he proclaim head did nothing wrong in the gun play incident. as of last night his twitter account was shut down. so we probably won't see or hear from the embattled wizards star for some time now. where did that leave the team? dave owens picks up the story there. >> reporter: not many wizards were interested prior to the shoot around. the captain, however, was. addressing the multitude of cameras about how difficult the past two weeks have been. >> it is going on long enough. sick of it. i think guys are just to the point where we want to get some positive publicity. >> reporter: and he offered clarity to the pregame display in philadelphia where it
5:53 pm
appeared several players, not just arenas, made light of gun possession in the locker room. >> i know you see the photo and you see a certain image but that photo doesn't justify the way guys viewed the whole situation. >> did you see that happen before the game? >> no, i didn't. i did not see it. >> reporter: was it initiated by gill or you guys? >> that's no comment. you think we are going to initiate something serious like that? >> i'm just asking. >> if you know me you shouldn't ask that question. >> reporter: when asked how the team is maintaining, the coach saunders says we have been in a state of flux since jamison hurt his shoulder in the preseason and now, despite all that is circling around us, we just have to focus on our jobs. >> through adversity there is opportunity. and we have to show the people of dc that there's a commitment. >> reporter: he admits for the foreseeable future that commitment will have to be shown without arenas. >> indefinite means indefinite and i think you don't assume he
5:54 pm
will be with you until he's back. >> reporter: at the verizon center, dave owens, 9 news now and >> dave, thank you very much. interestingly, 15 minutes ago here at the verizon center the video crew was doing rehearsal of the in game videos they play on the jumbotron and got to the pre-game energy show and i watched the whole thing and all evidence of arenas was edited out. more signs this team literally and figuratively is separating itself, slowly but surely from gilbert arenas. we will have reaction at 6:00. for now, brett haber, back to you. >> see you then. coming up, as if cycling classes weren't hard enough. a new spin on an old workout takes it to a new level. >> is that you? >> yeah. >> okay. don't forget. we are always on at you are not going to want to miss derek coming up in that living well segment.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
well, it is time for our friday healthy hour focus. since anita is away, they sent me downtown to check out a new cycling spin workout. i know you are thinking nothing new about spinning. well, that's what i thought. but this workout, let's just say it was a shock to the system ♪ [ music ] we spin class veterans already know the drill. >> two, one, go. >> reporter: music, bikes,
5:58 pm
maximum heart rate but ave da fitness downtown something unexpected. >> here we go. here's the climb. a quarter turn, bring it up. >> whoa. what is this? these bikes, real ryders lean. try to hold one steady when you are out of the saddle. before long i am sweating. >> as you saw climbing when you turn it up and trying to keep the handle bars straight it is tough because they are not stable like a regular spin bike. >> i found it almost impossible. >> yeah. >> you do all the work but the bike is the star of the show. there are hinges so it can tilt left or right. feels like it might fall over but it is completely stable. >> reporter: while your legs are pushing the pedals your core is working to keep you stable. extra work means more fitness. >> my quads were burning the whole time.
5:59 pm
yes. yes. and i dance actually. >> works a love core muscles. it is interesting. >> reporter: do you like that? >> yeah i do like that. >> reporter: this my first time, how did i do. >> i was worried about you half way through. >> i was hurting. >> the more you come the stronger you will get and more used to it. >> reporter: a refreshing thought, especially for a spin class veteran. >> i was worried about me, too. the folks say start at your own pace. it is not about keeping up but being about yourself and they say depending on your size and intensity the 45 minute workout can burn 500 to 7 calories so it is worth it in you hang in there. if you want to learn more or so see me suffering all over again go to and click on living well. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now.

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